Upper Merced River Watershed Council


                                                Stewardship Programs

Water Quality Monitoring 

This is a citizen science program which allows community members to engage in scientific research efforts by collecting data and performing field procedures. We currently monitor four locations on the Upper Merced River.


Hite's Cove Trail Work

UMRWC is committed to maintaining and preserving the Hite's Cove Trail. The trail extends from Savage’s Trading Post off of Highway 140 to Wawona in Yosemite and is very popular in the spring when the wildflowers bloom.



Great America River Clean-up

Each September, local volunteers meet at Briceburg Recreation Area to pick up trash and remove graffiti along the Merced River. Each year participants remove over 2,000 pounds of trash and recyclable material from the Merced River. The Great Sierra River Clean Up is about much more than picking up trash, however. It’s a day for Sierra communities – and those from all over California – to demonstrate their desire for clean water and healthy rivers.

Past Projects 

Friends of Bear Creek-Midpines 

Friends of Bear Creek-Midpines (FBCM) is a grassroots group which formed in early 2012 to explore the idea of a multi-use recreational trail along the Bear Creak. The group is involved in a variety of projects, including improving and providing accessibility to Midpines Park.


Bullfrog Blitz 

In partnership with Yosemite National Park, local volunteers assist in bullfrog surveys along the Merced River each year. These surveys help establish baseline population information on the invasive species and will assist in devising a plan for future eradication.


Associated Local Organizations 

Keep it Wild – Merced River 

Keep it Wild – Merced River is a coalition of groups and friends interested in keeping the Merced River a federally designated Wild and Scenic River. Currently the Merced Irrigation District is pushing hard to de-designate a portion of this beautiful river to increase the spillway height approximately ten feet. This would require de-designation of Wild and Scenic River status for a section of the river and set a terrible precedent for other Wild and Scenic Rivers. Visit their Facebook page.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

Sierra Foothill Conservancy is a land trust rooted in the local community. With your volunteer time and donations, we preserve special places for future generations. Our protection of foothill land: Protects wildlife & preserves native flora and historic rangelands, Provides educational and recreational opportunities for the community, Promotes scientific study of foothill ecosystems, Maintains open space and beautiful vistas.

Merced River Conservation Committee 

The MRCC is a local volunteer organization of members interested in the Merced River watershed and its future, based in Mariposa County. Their principal interests are fisheries and aquatic habitat, trail and boating recreation, and historic sites.