Upper Merced River Watershed Council


                                              Affiliated and Associated Organizations

The Upper Merced River Watershed Council not only conducts various programs using our Board members and other volunteers for labor as described on our Programs page, but we also work with other organizations, both affiliated and associated, to further our mission.  An Affiliated Organizations is an organization that falls under the UMRWC “umbrella” and uses the URMWC for administrative and other support, and with which we have a close working relationship. An Associated Organization is an organization with which we share common goals and have a direct overlap of interest such as protection of the Merced Wild and Scenic River and the Merced River watershed.

 Associated Organizations

Mariposa Trails

The Mariposa Trails organization was founded and managed by past UMRWC Board member Bill King.  For the last several years they have done extensive work to restore and maintain the Hite’s Cove Trail along the South Fork of the Merced River.  You can read more about their work on this trail here.  Mariposa Trails is interested in extending their efforts to other trails in the Merced and other watersheds within Mariposa County.


Our mission is to connect young people to the wonder and science of the natural world, igniting self-discovery and inspiring stewardship of our planet. Through our overnight, hands-on environmental science programs, we take more than 35,000 children and teens each year into our national parks to explore the outdoors, connect with their peers, discover themselves and develop a lasting relationship with the environment.

Keep it Wild – Merced River 

Keep it Wild – Merced River is a coalition of groups and friends interested in keeping the Merced River a federally designated Wild and Scenic River. Currently the Merced Irrigation District is pushing hard to de-designate a portion of this beautiful river to increase the spillway height approximately ten feet. This would require de-designation of Wild and Scenic River status for a section of the river and set a terrible precedent for other Wild and Scenic Rivers. Visit their Facebook page.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

Sierra Foothill Conservancy is a land trust rooted in the local community. With your volunteer time and donations, we preserve special places for future generations. Our protection of foothill land: Protects wildlife & preserves native flora and historic rangelands, Provides educational and recreational opportunities for the community, Promotes scientific study of foothill ecosystems, Maintains open space and beautiful vistas.

Bureau of Land Management

The local Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and especially BLM Ranger David Greenwood, has been a strong supporter of the Watershed Council since its inception in 2008. Since so much of the Merced River and its watershed fall under BLM administration, the UMRWC very much appreciates the support of the BLM in protecting and promoting recreation on the river.  David has also provided many of the photos of the river and watershed used on this website.

Merced River Conservation Committee 

The MRCC is a local volunteer organization of members interested in the Merced River watershed and its future, based in Mariposa County. Their principal interests are fisheries and aquatic habitat, trail and boating recreation, and historic sites.

 Friends of the River

Friends of the River is a state-wide organization dedicated to protecting and preserving what remains of the State’s free-flowing rivers in their natural condition, and especially those rivers that are protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers act. One of the most persistent threats to a Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is repeated attempts to de-designate a segment of the Merced River from Wild and Scenic status setting a terrible precedent for other Wild and Scenic Rivers. Friends of the River continues to work closely with the Watershed Council and other local organizations to assure any such future attempts will not succeed.